a lightweight resource and community designed to close the gap between what you're capable of and what you actually achieve

Be the Beacon is a personal development guide broken down into bite-sized chunks with relevant learnings that can be applied directly to your life, and the flexibility to do it at your pace.

Every month there are approximately 3-5 concepts that are presented through video lessons, activities to cement your learning, and practical exercises that get results fast. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make with just 15 minutes a week.

The Education Gap

  • School teaches...

    • subject matter expertise,
    • how to follow instructions,
    • work for external approval (like a grade), and
    • excel within structure.
  • But school doesn't typically prepare you to:

    • unleash your unique talents,
    • set your own objectives,
    • create your own path, and
    • self-motivate and self-direct to accomplish it all.
  • As a result, a great deal of talent and ability is wasted.

    ...that's where Be the Beacon comes in. We systematically teach you the skills to close the gap and achieve your dreams.

Be the Beacon

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Do YOU Have What it Takes???

Be the Beacon was designed with a certain type of person in mind.  First off, it requires an amazing, talented individual.  But there is something else that you need to be a fit for this program.

What you need to begin…

  • something you really want

whether that’s to start your own business, make a big change in your life, tackle a new obstacle, or achieve a significant goal


  • a compelling "why" (the reason you want it)

we will be providing tools to help your resolve and strengthen your engagement; but the underlying inspiration is in your court; i.e., you really need to want it, or else no amount of support from us is going to get you there

If you have both the desire and drive, then Be the Beacon is for you, and we’d love to welcome you to our action-oriented community of go-getters. 

Be the Beacon program

Here's how it works...

  • The Essentials

    You'll get an introduction to our program's core philosophies and the internal game designed to train students on the game of "life". This is a motivational, experiential learning tool that assists in developing and reinforcing the self-directional skills necessary for success.

  • Take Action!

    Be the Beacon is an ACTIVE program, designed to mirror and promote the entrepreneurial skills needed to take things to the next level. The program is designed to keep students accountable for taking productive steps that generate real results. Additional benefits unlock and rewards are given as you participate (i.e. - take action!).

  • Membership

    Membership is month to month. Payment is automatic each month. There are no refunds for prior months. You can cancel anytime.

    Our Core Level investment is $67 per month.

Our Program

  • monthly lessons focused on developing and strengthening entrepreneurial skills and acumen, accompanied by tasks, assignments, and games designed to reinforce and implement these lessons

  • a thoughtfully-designed motivational structure that promotes accountability and self-direction to get you the results you want more quickly while still giving you complete freedom and flexibility

  • guidance, support, and the tools you need to grow and succeed

  • camaraderie, support, and feedback from like-minded peers (this feature unlocks through participation in the program to ensure high caliber connections and pairings)

What Makes This Program Different?

  • You want to be confident in what you're doing:

    When you follow someone else's plan for your life, it inevitably backfires because you don't always totally know what you're doing. You're just doing what you're told. Our model is in the vein of the Montessori method and experiential learning. We're going to set you up with the right environment, tools and supports to learn by doing. This promotes deep learning, understanding and confidence. We want to promote your self reliance and independence.

  • You want to do it your way:

    Every individual is unique, both in their strengths and their journey. Instead of locking you into a formula or a "right" way of doing things that doesn't feel quite right to you, we support you in staying true to yourself. Go ahead: create a professional and personal life that matches your distinct style and goals. We're completely behind you.

  • You don't like a lot of distraction and "noise":

    Many programs create an environment of too much input, too many voices, and too much distraction. Engaging with these groups pulls you off your focus. It can often generate confusion because you're dealing with a lot of other people's "stuff". Our program has strict communication protocols to minimize unhelpful, distracting chatter, while still increasing your sense of connection and depth of relationships.

  • You want to be with the right type of people:

    Who you spend your time with has a tremendous impact on your results in life. You want to surround yourself with people who help to elevate your game. Our community attracts high caliber individuals only. You'll have the opportunity to connect deeply with peer groups who are at your level of play.

  • You want accountability:

    We all do better with supportive communities around us. Our program offers several built in layers of accountability to help you move through things faster and with greater ease.

  • You're tired of short-term solutions:

    Many other programs are hyper focused on one area of growth. Once you finish that program, what do you do? You have to look around for the next solution. Other programs offer a solution and if it doesn't work for you, then it's "adios, nice knowing you!" because they're never going to see you again. We're not a "one-off" solution. We know that growth and self-development is a marathon, not a one-time sprint. Our intention is to be with you for the long haul, supporting you with the achievement of your goals and dreams.

  • You want to improve your career, but you also want a good life:

    Too many programs are concerned only with the career side of things and miss out on the person at the helm. We understand everything is interrelated. As you grow and thrive, your professional opportunities do too. We want to help you develop and support you and the entirety of your goals for your life, whether that's family time, leisure time, or energy for other areas that matter to you.

Be the Beacon Origin Story by Founder, Alison Cardy

In the spring of 2018 I paused and looked around at the career coaching business I'd created. I realized it was exactly what I'd dreamed up almost a decade ago. 

Work that I love, the ability to effectively help great clients, ease and consistency in the running of the business, plenty of free time to enjoy all the rest of life, and a really nice rate of cashflow to boot.

It was a beautiful dream and a ridiculously beautiful life to be living. 






Your dreams may be similar. I'm living proof that your dreams are possible, and I would love to help you get more of what you're wanting.

Yet this dream did not materialize overnight.

Bit by bit I learned how to create the life of my dreams.  But first I had to figure out what my dreams were; and then I had to learn how to get there. These were new skills, ones that I had never been exposed to despite years and years of formal education. 

Focusing my attention on creating a growth mentality in all areas of my life is how so much of my world opened up to me.  

I want to share these lessons with you, so I can ensure that others don’t have to go through the tiresome and onerous process of uncovering it for themselves (or never get around to trying).  

I created a roadmap to turning your life into a life that you LOVE.

Be the Beacon

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for more days you love


will you be a good fit?

  • do you want to grow and develop?
  • do you want to feel more confident that you are on the right path?
  • do you want to improve your self-direction?
  • do you want to gain the skills to implement your goals?
  • do you love experiential learning and figuring things out?
  • are you eager to show up, dig in and get results?
  • and are you ready to tackle the next challenge and to expand your world?

Achieve Undeniable Results in Only an Hour a Month

  • Sound too-good-to-be-true?

    Well, when you're given succinct, high-impact insights and opportunities to quickly cement your learning, it doesn't take much time to see real results.

    This isn't one more cumbersome thing to add to your plate.

    This accelerator was thoughtfully designed to be a lightweight, easy-to-fit-in support that complements your career, your life and your goals.

Snapshots of the Program...

The Fundamentals: Month 1

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  • Who is Alison Cardy?

    Founder of Be the Beacon

    Alison Cardy, founder and CEO of Cardy Career Coaching, is an expert coach with nearly a decade of experience in the career services industry. She is the author of Career Grease: How to Get Unstuck and Pivot Your Career. Her work has been featured in publications from The Washington Post to The Muse. She is a sought after speaker at top-tier university career departments, alumni groups, and diverse professional organizations.

    A highly structured thinker with a love for optimization, Alison has worked with hundreds of professionals over the years to achieve innovative and functional career solutions. Alison conducts business with high integrity and looks for win-win. She knows what works and has a track record of doubling her business' revenue each year while also maintaining calm and space in her life.

    Alison is a practical advocate for achieving your heart’s desires, improving your workweek, and making a difference, all while keeping an eye on your financial success. Her superpower is creating clear structures to guide clients through life's challenges to the results they crave. Her generosity and insight will shorten your learning curve and help you realize your potential.

    Because when more talent is unleashed, the world improves.

    Alison Cardy

Be the Beacon: testimonials

what current members are saying

“I'm really enjoying the monthly courses! I'm almost treating it like my personal development treat time each month... It's getting me to think in different ways and giving me tools to approach what I'm doing with a new perspective, that is generating results.”

Be the Beacon member

“I’ve become more cognizant of the value I offer and more aware of looking for value in other places... The 6 Core behaviors was useful for helping me see what I was avoiding and where I could be putting more attention.”

Be the Beacon member

“This month, the vision test was VERY valuable because sometimes it's hard to be clear on exactly what my plan is, because it can feel like there are so many things I'd like to accomplish. This exercise helped me focus on what's really important, and some main goals I have in the next 6 months. Also, I enjoyed reminding myself about "productive discomfort" because in order to grow, we have to step into the unknown and accomplish tasks that don't always seem comfortable, but will move us ahead.”

Be the Beacon member

If You Want to:

Be the Beacon

  • advance at work,
  • explore new opportunities,
  • feel more in control of your life,
  • make progress towards your goals, or
  • simply enjoy your life more

...Be the Beacon can help!

Belleconnecta: testimonials

An in-person version of the Be the Beacon program

“I would recommend the group. Anyone looking to make a change in their life or needing help discovering, setting and implementing goals - personal or professional.”

Belleconnecta Member

“Before joining the group I wasn’t sure what the ‘next level’ would be for me. Now I have a better sense of personal goals that I’d like to work on and also feel like I have a support base behind those goals.”

Belleconnecta Member

“Before, I knew something in my life had to change and I was ready to change it! But, I had so many ideas for how to get where I wanted to go and ended up feeling so overwhelmed that I just stalled out instead. After joining the group, I’ve gotten clarity on what is really important to me for the life changes I want and what deserves my attention right now versus what can wait until later. Plus, I’ve gotten tips on how to make some of the bigger, pie-in-the-sky ideas more doable, so that I can keep plugging along and moving forward.”

Belleconnecta Member

“I would absolutely recommend the group to others because the self-development is guided and helps to take out some of the questioning that can occur if trying to ‘go it alone’. The group is a wonderful fit for someone who is ready to show up and do the work.”

Belleconnecta Member

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